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Chicken ---, Chicken---- well you know. You know the guys that tell us the sky is falling and we should run to the bank and withdraw everything. We hear it on TV, we hear it on the radio, heck we hear it on this form. Well, bad news for the libs that want the economy to tank before the election.
The TV commentators say that's why Obama's rating have gone up in the last couple of days. Mostly because women are concerned about security. Not my words thiers. My words would have been "because those without testicles are frightened". Kind of the same thing right? :D

World markets soar on possible US rescue package
Friday September 19, 7:54 am ET
By Matt Moore, AP Business Writer
From Tokyo to London, world's markets soar higher in reaction to possible US financial fix

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- Global stock markets roared higher on Friday after news of a possible U.S. government plan to rescue banks from toxic mortgage debt raised a collective sense of hope amid the world's worst financial crisis in decades.

Europe exchanges, which had spent nearly all of this week drowning in declines responded with ferocity to the possible plan, surging as battered bank stocks rebounding along with them.

The news of a likely U.S. lifeline, along with new changes to short-selling in the U.S., Britain and Ireland, also helped push markets higher, analysts said.

Early Friday, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission took the dramatic step of temporarily banning the routine practice of betting against company stocks, announcing the move on its Web site.
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