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I was at the custom northwinds site and they have a summer sale going on. You can get 50 northwind bodies for something like 87 bucks. No stakes but the knutson stakes are pretty crappy so I don't think that you are losing anything by not getting stakes. Knutson stakes have to be replaced because they break so easily. This is a pretty good way to build a large spread.
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You are right on with the Knutson stakes, after 4 days in the field over 1/4 of the stakes are broken. I am considering replacing all the Knutson stakes to avoid problems in the future. Overall I think that Knutson's are a good deal, but the stakes are subpar.
I checked out the customnorthwinds stuff, it would be interesting to see some of there videos...their spreads look pretty sweet. I never thought that I would see a good mallard or canada northwind...but his look than I ever imagined they could.
Another project for you gg this summer?
I'm going to have a trailer, 900 northwinds and at least 100 floaters next spring come hell or high water. I don't care if I have to get another job to do it. As long as I'm going nuts I want 5 doz more bigfoots too.

I don't know if I have the talent to make mallard northwinds. But we will see. :beer:

I got the customnorthwinds goose hunting video for ya buddy.

Jim sent me one a couple months ago.
what is the web address for the custom northwinds? thanks
duckman53821 said:
what is the web address for the custom northwinds? thanks
Jim has some great decoys. I just started my spread this last yr and have mostly the wind sock decoys. I have a the chance to hunt with Jim over the last yr and have learned a lot from him. Mostly.... A big spread of decoys that move. And he has that. All of the videos that he has are good. I really like "eleven days in heaven" shot in saskatchewan two falls ago!!
I've only just begun to try to custom paint my NW's. I gotta give Jim Jones a lot of credit, these decoys aren't very easy to get going but im still just a beginner :) Anybody have some good tips for a beginner??
Bartman, PM gandergrinder, the Nodak crew hunted over his custom northwinds this past spring season and man they look pretty good. He painted all 400 of them all by himself. So I would think he has a couple pointers he could give yah.
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