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Northern Prairie Goose Calls

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I just recieved the Bad Medicine goose call from NPC of South Dakota and all I can say is it is awesome. It is very easy to blow and sounds more like a big canada than anything I have heard. I was blowing it at the lake and my neighbors swore it was real geese when they first heard it. I can't wait until fall to try it!
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I had been meaning to get a hold of one of those, too. I talked to Chad via e-mail, but I could never get a hold of the guys to hear the call. I've heard it sounds really nice.

Which one did you get? How long did it take to receive it?

Have you tried their mallard calls?

Take it easy! :)
I just got off of the phone with Chad at Outdoor Obsessions in Brookings. One heck of a guy. He blew that NPC Bad Medicine for me. I like it a lot. I may have to pick one of those up after my Debander arrives, which should be later this week or early next week. I just couldn't wait to win! :)

I think the Debander gets a little lower, but the Bad Medicine does a heck of a job, too! They both have great cracks. I think Chad said that they are coming out with a bunch of new colors in the next couple of weeks.

I still think the Debander will be my main call, but the Prairie is a nice back-up to that.

Just my opinion from what I've heard.
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