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northern pike????????????????

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i was just wondering if there was northern pike in brewer lake

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Their stocking reports don't show any pike released so I'm not sure if there's any.

If you're looking for some good pike lakes drop me a pm and I can certainly direct you to some good water.
no thx cuz the only 2 lakes me and my dad go to are ashtabula and brewer
I know theres pikes in ashtabula. Also white bass. But theres lots of big bullheads there.
well could anyone tell me what kind of fish u have caught there i know there are ** walley , sunfish , smallmouth bass ** is there anything im missing
I snagged a few Botte Bass when I was there 3 years ago! :beer:
Look at this monster pike! 54 inches and 44 lbs. Wow! I bet musky are scared of this baby. That head is huge!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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