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Northern Pike near Grand Forks

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Does anyone know of any good pike lakes or anywhere to fish pike within 45 minutes of Grand Forks? I love fishing but i dont' like to have to drive hours to catch pike!
any local pike fishing spots other than the red river?
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I've heard good things from Lake Loretta just north of Michigan. Might not be a bad place to start.
There is a small resevoir between GF & Thompson that has pike (about 7 miles SW not on maps) - the river has pike - Larimore Dam - Whitman Dam - Fordville Dam is very nice & hardly ever crowded & well maintained - Golden lake - (Especially North Golden) near Northwood. Matejcek North of Lankin- Homme Dam near Park River Some have mtr. restrictions
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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