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North Dakota State Record Pike ?

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I heard that there was a monster pike taken out of Lake Sakakawea a couple weekends ago, and it was being registered to check for a potential state record.

Haven't heard the official word....anyone???
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Which end of the lake? How big?

I have not heard of any monsters coming out of the middle parts of the lake. A few nice ones in 20+ lber range.
the biggest pike at sixmilecorner so far is 29 lbs..
did hear of a 32lber takein from somewhere..
so far that 32lber stands as the biggest so far this year..

didnt hear anything about it being registered..

I believe the 32 pounder was a tiger muskie taken from Devils Lake. I believe it was caught two days ago. My info is from Ed's bait. (Thats a big fish)
to see a pic of the 29 plus go to to catch of the day and take a look....
With guys catching fish that big I might have to head out and see for myself what I can catch.
Yes, a 32lb. tiger muskie was caught on devils lake sometime last week, you can see a picture of it on Its a hell of a catch, it was taken out of channel A, a 30 lb pike would be awefully impressive too.
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