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North Dakota duck opener ?

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Does anyone know when duckhunting opens for ND residents? The feds were supposed make a decision by Aug 1. This was to decide season length and limits. Some of my friends seem to think the early season is set in stone. I don't think it is. The gov said its ok but I think the decision is up to the big boys. I would appreciate any information you may have. Good Luck
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Minnesota announced that its opener will be on September 28, 2002, not the expected Sept. 21.
I thought that all those Viking stories were just a hoax perpetrated by the guy who found the Kensington Ruinstone in his backyard. There really aren't Viking invaders, just those little gophers running across the border in October.
Red hair isn't the worst thing in the world. My brother and dad have red hair. That's my dad's nickname.

Is it true that NRs can't hunt on North Dakota's opener on Sept. 21. Jeez you guys are going to have a peaceful couple of weekends before those pesky gophers start crossing the bridges. I won't get there until about October 10th. I hope the gopher traps are gone by then.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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