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North Dakota duck opener ?

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Does anyone know when duckhunting opens for ND residents? The feds were supposed make a decision by Aug 1. This was to decide season length and limits. Some of my friends seem to think the early season is set in stone. I don't think it is. The gov said its ok but I think the decision is up to the big boys. I would appreciate any information you may have. Good Luck
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LOL...MRN,I like that analogy of the viking hoards of old invading ND.
Got to be careful here MRN.I think the largest nationality here in ND is Norwegian.I'm a history major and if I remember right Swedes and Norwegians were both Vikings.Course I'm 100% German[second largest nationality here] and they were the scourge of the peaceful Roman Empire.SO we better get along with those long lost Swedish cousins in Minnesota.They can't help it if they are on the wrong side of the Red River.
The season for large Canadas will open on Sun. Sept 1.It closes on Fri. Sept 20.Regular goose opens on Sept 21.Which means that the youth season will be open during the large canada season.Non-res season will open the following Sat.
I don't know Dean...I have the Minot paper in front of me and it says ..."Sept 21 duck and goose season opens for residents only."This is from right from the GNF.Somebody is wrong.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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