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Leasing ... Me (G/O) Lease land ... I do not lease fields ... I look for fields like the rest of you ....

well maybe - maybe not

While I was back in ND I called one of my friends who farms large (I mean a lot of land) acreage in northern ND. This is in the old snow goose country, but now hunting is limited to mostly mallards and resident Canada geese.

Well this guide/outfitter walks up to his farm one day and says he will post all of his land for him if he gets the waterfowl hunting rights for the fall.

Landowner knows this guy makes a living selling hunts. :wink:

Paraphrased conversation
Landowner responds: "and I receive what in return?"

Guide "the knowledge that no one is accessing your land without permission + controlled hunting and safer fields"

Landowner "No. I can handle it"

Guide "give me a call if you change your mind"

Several sources also say this is not an isolated incident, but occuring in multiple areas - with multiple landowners - with multiple G/Os. :puke:

No fees, no leasing, no counting in the ND Game and Fish statistics??

So is this an organized way for the G/Os to defeat the guide control that the ND legislature, ND Game and Fish, and loyal NoDak Outdoor members were so happy to establish? Or simply an isolated incident or two?

Either way ... more land possibly tied up ... for fewer hunters :(
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