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New to Muzzleloading

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Hello, I am new to muzzleloading. New as in I dont have one yet and have never fired one. I've been reading about it online. From what I can tell, there are several different types of muzzleloading rifles to choose from. What got me interested in the first place was that I like to work with wood, and have a fairly decent collection of woodworking tools in the shop here at the house. I was looking at getting one of those kits where you build the weapon. They all seem to have the wood part built and you just need to "finish" it. That seems like a fair idea for the first one but I would really like to build my own stock after the first one. Then there are terms like "inline" and "smokeless" that I just have not worked out in my head yet.

So, I said all of that to ask this of yall, ¿where should I start?

Mike D
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I use traditional muzzleloaders, and build them also, I started out over 20 years ago with a used T/C hawken and then got into civil war muskets and carbines then pistols, then progressed into flintlocks and started building them after that, it's a hopeless progression. I have now sold all my percussion guns and only shoot flintlocks, what's next.... maybe wheel locks or canons? I have looked at the inlines and I admit they would be a good gun for strictly hunting and low maintenance to boot.
I guest everyone is throwing in their two cents. Here's mine. Buy A REAL muzzleloader. In-lines are mass produced like cars and go out-of-date to replaced by another model. One day, you will not find parts because it's just too old. :puke:
A real muzzleloader will last long enough to hand down to your son, and his, and still work. :D

Being new, I would start out with a percussion, and after the bug really bites, go for a flintlock! Your satisfaction will last longer than them new-fangled things. :D
powefisher you dont sound like much of muzzleloading guy..... muzzleoading(now a days) is more of fun relaxing sport. you dont seem like you have fun or like to relax, the way you jump on evryones back. you should get a traditional ml and maybe youd lighten up. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :laugh: :rollin: :p :wink: 8) :)
WoW nearlty one whole year latter and the advice is to lighten up. Well Powerfisher has been having a ball now for nearly a whole year after joining a group who talk nothing but muzzle loaders period. Not a one looks down their nose at those who don't shoot the same brand or same type as they do.

:D Al
I shoot in lines and have nothing against traditional muzzleloaders. If I were to purchase a new muzzleloader, it would be a Savage. Two reasons I like the Savage, one being the fast 1in24 rifleing twist for using heavy bullets and two, being able to use smokless powder, which at the end of a long hunting day, makes life easier when the rifle after being unloaded, can just be wiped down and put away. With the black powder substitutes I use, I clean my rifles weather or not they have been fired. Second choice rifles would either be the new T.Cs. with the finger removable breech plug, or the new Knight .52 rifle that doesn't use the Disc system. The Knight .52 has a fast 1in26 twist, good for shooting heavy bullets. I like using sabots because of th wide variaty of pistol and rifle bullets I can use with them, and like I wrote I like heavy bullets.
After the "break in" process (ran a seasoning patch through after the first 20 shots), how often do you run a patch through to clean your in lines? Mine seems to be really tight loading after only 2 shots.

I swab the bore after every shot at the range. I use a kendall 2 ply alcohol medium pad on the proper size jag. Buy them at wally world or drug stores every where. The alcohol evaporates quicker that a spit patch.
In my range testing I found that the accercy goes away very quickly after the second shot with out swabbing in my muzzle loaders.

:D Al.
accuracy does go away! i shot 5 times, on the fifth shot i completely missed the target at 50 yrds. ran a couple patches through and i was back on the bullseye!. Thanks Al, I guess I'll have to keep it clean.
accuracy does go away! i shot 5 times, on the fifth shot i completely missed the target at 50 yrds. ran a couple patches through and i was back on the bullseye!. Thanks Al, I guess I'll have to keep it clean.
It depends on your propellant. Way back when Pyrodex first come out I shot it at the North Dakota state shoot. I shot 60 rounds and never run a single patch. I also took five of the six first place trophies and mens first place aggregate. I had a hangfire at the Levi Garret shoot and switched from R to P and reduced my load by 10%. I sent a pic to Hodgdon and they replied with a free case of Pyrodex. Best deal I ever made.

Now I shoot Blackhorn for deer in an inline, but Pyrodex for deer and everything else in my TC Hawken. I have two inlines, but I really want to go out with one of my traditionals for deer again. All I need to do is draw a tag. :D
Buck horn doesn't work in all inlines, you have to have a 209 iginition system to start, some need a different breach plug also.

Not a thing wrong with plain old black, Pyrodex, Triple 7 all which I have used. Still have real black and Triple 7 in my Muzzle loading box.
You just have to spend a little extra time with the rifle cleaning it.

:D Al
How hard is it to get blackpowder now? I have been thinking about a flintlock, but afraid that I'll buy it and can't shoot it. No sport shops around North Dakota has blackpowder. I had heard that the guys in the North Dakota Muzzleloaders Association put in a big order each year, but it's been so long since I was involved with them that I don't know anyone anymore.
You can order it from suppliers over the phone and I think even the internet. You will have to pay a $25.00 hasmat fee for shipping. Check the track of the wolf website.

We still have one shop near by we can got to to buy it, cost more than Triple 7. I was told it was the storage rule that has drove the price up.

:D Al
The most convenient way to buy real black is online from an outfit like Powder Inc. The trick, if there is one, is to order it in bulks shipments. Powder Inc charges $17.90/lb for a 10 pound shipment....that price includes the HazMat charge. Granulations can be mixed. Still, it is a $180 bill going out the door. Should last awhile, though.
Thanks for the infor guys. People in the sport shops told me that no one would ship it. I guess if they don't sell it they don't want you to find anyone who can sell it to you.
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