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I try to keep the forum as up to date as possible, and this month there is a bug fix and a new feature.

I've had a lot of complaints about the time being off in the forum, and the problem has been ongoing for months.

The fix is real easy and should take just a few moments. Here is the step by step:

Log into the forum, and click on "profile" at the top of the forum.

While in the forum, scroll down to "timezone", and choose "GMT - 7 hours" (THIS IS FOR CENTRAL TIME, Eastern time is "GMT - 6 hours", Mountain is "GMT - 8 hours", Pacific is "GMT - 9 hours")

Than right below is "Date Format".

Copy and paste the code below over the other code.

D M d, Y g:i a
That's it, date/time is fixed.

This does not affect anyone who has registered after 1/9

The new feature is you can email someone right from the forum. This will also allow you to receive email without your email be seen publically.

If anyone has any questions or comments, hit "email" at the bottom and drop me a line.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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