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New Conspiracy Theory...

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Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgYs) block the binding of multiple SARS-CoV-2 spike protein variants to human ACE2 - PubMed (

So a study shows that natural egg yolks help with COVID and what not.

So is that why an egg shortage? You know Bill Gates is all in with producing non-natural eggs. Just like he was in on the vaccine investments and what not.

Again.... my tinfoil hat is on extra tight and i think I did see two black SUV's circling my home last night... LOL

But this is just another study of natural things that help fight Covid that wasn't known before. It is also kind of crazy that an egg shortage is happening, and "fires" keep happening at many egg producing plants.

BTW.... in all honesty and truth.... chicken farms/turkey farms are highly flammable. It doesn't take much to have a whole building or more go down very fast. They are basically a giant tinder bundle/box. Wood shavings, air flowing, etc. Plus to kill chickens it doesn't much smoke and what not.

Now I am not saying anything sinister is going on at all. But just wanted to give info to everyone and to be honest it is scary the things coming out now about where Bill Gates has invested and then seeing how or what is some of the aftermath. Bill Gates isn't the squeaky clean guy that everyone thinks he is.
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Klaus Schwab has the same insane fantasies as Bill Gates. He thinks the world population should be reduced to 500,000 people. I worry how they plan on doing that. Maybe they will fire up Hitlers old ovens. Or bring another few $ million to Wuhan.
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