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need info where to go for the roosters

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:) I just joined to get some info?Me and my hunting buddies have been thinking about coming up and doing some pheasant hunting up in n.Dakota. maybe this year but probably more next year.We've been hunting N.Eastern Colorado all our lives.we have done fairly descent here until this year cause of the drought.we have been talking that we want to experience limiting out in an half an hour and to see roosters everywhere.heard the dickinson area and turtle lake area are good hunting?Want to get a general idea on where to head and what we are in for.More into the asking a farmer for permission or good public land accsess.Any info would be great :)
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If limiting out in half an hour is that important to you, I'm sorry, go to a game farm. It'll be a lot less expensive than paying an outfitter $100.00 plus per day to get that kind of hunting.
As the last poster mentioned, go to the SW part of ND. That sounds like the direction you'll be coming from anyway. Start knocking on doors. That's what we do when we want to hunt late season in that area. Be ready to either pay or get turned down a lot. The late season, after Dec. 15th, I would say is your best bet as many farmers/ranchers say yes more often at that time of year.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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