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ND ranked 3rd in beer consumption

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Way to go guys!

:beer: :drunk: :thumb:

I thought we'd rank higher than that. :wink:
Only 3rd!?!?! :-?

Come on guys, I know I've been doing my part to make us number 1 in the country...who's not carrying their weight? I want to see and hear about a significant increase by all of us in our personal beer consumption to make us the 'Beer Drinking Capitol' of the Nation! Who's With Me!!! :beer:
NOt bad ND'ers!!!

Jonserrrrrr!! com on now I saw how you drink, and this Ol' MN boy was finishing your drinks by the end of the night! hahahLOL...

Now this article must of been in a word document or superimposed because all of you know that MN should of been at the top of that list...Per Capita? my home town of Pine CIty,MN should of been on there alone.hahah..

Keep it reel
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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