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I as a hunter and hunting conservationist support CRP and programs like it. Wetlands especially need protection from greed.

CRP is very cost effective conservation tool and helps reduce surplus grain.

BUT on the otherside

+)CRP does compete with active farmers for available farmable land. May increase rent rates. Less jobs ?

+)CRP does reduce the amount of grain moving through ND elevators, carried via train, carried via semi-trailer. Less jobs ?

+)CRP likely results in less tractors, combines, etc being sold in rural ND.
Less rural jobs ?

So every point has a counterpoint. The trick here is to make sure that land set aside in CRP is truly poor farm land and good for conservation. Spread out the CRP acres so that no one area is too CRP rich or poor.

Companies such as Cargill and ADM are your biggest opponents to CRP. They get a cut on every bushel of grain moving through the system, thus make money no matter what the price is - as long as a lot of bushels move through the system. Both companies lobby hard to minimize, reduce, or eliminate CRP acres.

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