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ND fish possession limit

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I seem to recall a past regulation that there are no fish possession limits at one's residence.

I can not find that in current regulations.

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The daily creel limit is defined as the maximum number of legally taken fish (by species) that may be harvested from midnight to midnight. No individual may harvest or possess more than North Dakota’s daily limit of fish while on the water, ice or actively engaged in any manner of fishing.

The possession limit is defined as the maximum number of legally taken fish (by species) that an individual may have in their actual possession during any phase of any single fishing trip of more than one day. At no time may an individual transport more than a possession limit without written approval of the Game and Fish director.

The storage limit at one’s residence is unlimited.
This is from the game and fish website.

So possession limit comes into play for ND residents if they are not at their HOME. So like if they were camping for 3 days. They can only have the "possession" limit for the species. So if it is walleyes that is 10 total per licensed fisherman. Now if they fished 3 days and went back to their home each day... They could have as many as they want "storage limit" just as long as one of the days they didn't go over the daily limit.
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