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Drill, Baby, Drill
by Ben Stein
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Posted on Monday, September 29, 2008, 12:00AM
Remember a few months ago when oil was heading ever higher, gasoline reached
unheard of prices, and Americans were essentially hysterical? Remember when
Americans demanded, actually screamed in the politicians' ears that we wanted to
drill in our offshore areas?

Remember when poll after poll said Americans wanted to pass over the objections from multi-millionaire beachfront movie star home owners and actually do something for the good of America as a whole? Remember the politicians promising they would heed the words of their constituents?

Well, the politicians apparently don't remember it at all.

Amazingly, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives gave the American people a firm slap in the face while it planted a big wet sloppy kiss on the lips of Hollywood's glitterati. On September 16th, the House of Representatives narrowly passed Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comically named "Access" Bill. This past Saturday, the Senate approved the lifting of the 26-year ban on new offshore oil drilling. In the guise of doing what America wants Speaker Pelosi's bill does the following:

* Places off limits areas within fifty miles of the coast line, where 80 percent of the oil and gas deposits are. This bill, if it becomes law, will place these energy rich areas off limits permanently.

* Places off limits such energy rich areas as the Destin Dome off Florida and the super-rich areas off the coast of California on a permanent basis.

* In a gesture of what she probably thought was courage, Speaker Pelosi allows drilling on seven percent of the acreage offshore in the most difficult, deep water areas, one hundred or more miles offshore.

* If state legislatures sign on, drilling would be allowed in a further 12 percent of the untapped areas between 50 and 100 miles offshore -- again, difficult areas to explore and difficult areas in which to drill

This is a bad joke. Why are we doing this to ourselves? What is the utility of making us ever weaker, more vulnerable, and dependent upon people who hate us?

This is a bill that cries out for veto or massive revision. It's just a bill to curry favor with the beautiful people, not with ordinary citizens. It is exactly what we do not need, which is vastly more drilling and production of American oil and gas in American waters

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Pelosi is heavily invested in alternative energy. Anything that puts money in the politicians hands, directly or indirectly, is being jammed down our throats. How can politicians like Pelosi get re-elected? We are the only country that doesn't aggressively go after our own resources. We all know that oil isn't a renewable resource. There are many looking into a solution. We need the oil now until a solution is found. We can continue funding our own demise, or we can vote Pelosi and her ilk out of office and replace them with politicians with our best interests in mind. We must be diligent and if the next person follows the same path, vote them out, until the politicians in this country remember they represent us.

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I think Bobm gave us the answer to this one in a thread about the radicals in ACORN. They are creating the dilemma for a reason.

edit: you know I gave this some thought and you know what Pelosi did. She made the public think she was trying to solve the problem, then she deep sixed it. The republicans fell for it. She didn't want to solve the problem, because a big financial crisis is an advantage to Obama. She bad mouthed and blamed the republicans, but they should just have bit their tongue and voted for it if it is truly the right thing to do.

Also, the further they can drive America into the ground the more likely the citizens are to accept full out socialism.
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