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Rained all night last night, got to the field and figured it would be really muddy but did get the trailer and truck into the field without doing any damage to the field. This was probably THE best goose hunt I've ever been on in my life, and hope I can top it in the future. I don't care what decoy brand you use but when the smoke clears on a hunt like this all you can do is say Wow. I also shot 2 geese with one shot for the last two, my grandpa and I were going to double team a pair but when I pulled up to shoot mine I folded both! We shot a 4 man limit but only took pictures with a few of them, couldn't fit 20 on one blind and the rest of them were already packed away

That's the video of me shooting two, it has no sound cause it was off a phone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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