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If any of you folks buy a eliminator blind or something of that type you need to mud them. The directions from final approach say to mud then rinse. Dont rinse. The best way I have found is to use a painters pad. Mix mud and water and rub it in to the fabric. The mud does not have to be very thick. Let it dry then sweep the blind with a broom. this will take off the extra dirt. If you think it is too dark you can rinse it . I have two final approach one standard one pro. I am going to cut a flagging hole in the standard. 1 shadowgrass 1 nat-gear. The nat-gear is alittle dark for stubble but you can dress it enough to get it light. I think it may be more versitale because it hides well in dark fields. How can you make shadow-grass dark? you really can't. If I was starting over I would have gone with something more poratable. Good Luck
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