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Mr Redlabel ???

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I see you liked my "commercial" at the Grand Forks meeting last night ??? I believe you were not listening very closely, or I was shaking like a rooster had just exploded at my feet while speaking :smile:

What I said was, I echoed all the speakers before me & did'nt want to waste alot of time, cause all I have said & believe in, is on the internet, at this site. The internet is now a powerful tool, to bring us together. The only other site for ND is sponsored by commercial interests, guide / outfitters & is CENSORED. This new site has expirenced - respected hunters, that come from all over the state & other states. I invited all, to go to this site & read what we / I think. These things have been discussed for along time. Sure there are problems - But there are also answers & solutions. This site is not just whining or complaining. But people who have ideas to make ND better.

Sorry ! you saw it as a commercial - also sorry, if you can't see thru, what that other site is about ??? I have no financial interest, or gain to be had from this site. I just see real people, who have similar intersts & ideals, about what would be best for the future of ND hunting. More can be presented here, than a 6 or 7 minute speech, to a crowd of hunters (who have trouble agreeing on much of anything - most of the time):)

I also did not feel or hear alot of whining or b#tching last night. I thought Mr Hildebrand, while a nice guy & a good administrator & truely interested in maintaining the outdoors in ND. I think he deserved to be blasted & told straight out - that is not his only job. To go with the political flow & only maintain things, as a temporary position, until he retires. We need strong leadership & new ideas & courage to try new things & the political expertise, to get them done.

How sad! were those that spoke in favor of the early opener ??? Most have no clue what the real problems, or concerns are in ND. I know one was a real piece of work, as a land owner. Constantly mad at the government (especially the USFWS) & I believe a abuser of their laws ??? & one of those, that had his land posted with the signs, that took his frustration out on hunters. With hope it would send a message to the powers that be, to change things, to the way he wanted them. He also missed all the points being made & tried to twist it into a landowner vs hunter problem. Also a city vs rural problem. Also a East vs West problem. Which is so far from the reality of those, that gave heart felt testimony at these meetings. At the last meeting in GF he said he had a friend in Mott that got him on land to hunt - So he had no proplems getting on land ??? ??? ??? Duh! but he forgot to include that last night. I hope most at these meetings were not influenced by the likes of someone like this. It's really sad & a negative detriment to a otherwise positive / productive meeting.

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I don't normally respond in the hot topics, and I'm not sure if this is where I want to start, but redlabel you are part of the problem.

Most of us aren't rich enough to buy our own land. I agree that spending some time off season helps open doors, but when it comes time to pull out the wallet I can't. I could go to another state, make more money, and then buy land. But I chose to live here, make less money and have the chance to raise my kids here and enjoy the same opportunities I had.

I'm sorry, but your arrogance struck a nerve. I'm not the debating type, I'm just putting in my 2 cents.
Redlabel, you sure make it sound so easy. Let me guess, you live in a big town?

I do not. I can't just drive down the street and pick up a part time job at Denny's. I live in a small rural town, where there's not exactly jobs.

When I moved here years and years ago, I spent a lot of time with landowners in the offseason. I never had problems finding places to hunt. Than some guys come in here a couple years ago and buy it up(sound familiar? same scenario as yours). All of the relationships I've made for years is whiped out because some guy brings beer and money? It's a slap in the face to find out that money speaks louder than rural relationships. And you wonder why there's resentment towards the urban population.

I used to read your posts at FB years back regarding the same issues. I'm sorry Redlabel, I don't want to read your guide to "how to be a sellout". I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror.

If you want to buy land, whatever. Just don't come here and brag about it. Even though it is your VIEW it is the most selfish possible.
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