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Mr Redlabel ???

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I see you liked my "commercial" at the Grand Forks meeting last night ??? I believe you were not listening very closely, or I was shaking like a rooster had just exploded at my feet while speaking :smile:

What I said was, I echoed all the speakers before me & did'nt want to waste alot of time, cause all I have said & believe in, is on the internet, at this site. The internet is now a powerful tool, to bring us together. The only other site for ND is sponsored by commercial interests, guide / outfitters & is CENSORED. This new site has expirenced - respected hunters, that come from all over the state & other states. I invited all, to go to this site & read what we / I think. These things have been discussed for along time. Sure there are problems - But there are also answers & solutions. This site is not just whining or complaining. But people who have ideas to make ND better.

Sorry ! you saw it as a commercial - also sorry, if you can't see thru, what that other site is about ??? I have no financial interest, or gain to be had from this site. I just see real people, who have similar intersts & ideals, about what would be best for the future of ND hunting. More can be presented here, than a 6 or 7 minute speech, to a crowd of hunters (who have trouble agreeing on much of anything - most of the time):)

I also did not feel or hear alot of whining or b#tching last night. I thought Mr Hildebrand, while a nice guy & a good administrator & truely interested in maintaining the outdoors in ND. I think he deserved to be blasted & told straight out - that is not his only job. To go with the political flow & only maintain things, as a temporary position, until he retires. We need strong leadership & new ideas & courage to try new things & the political expertise, to get them done.

How sad! were those that spoke in favor of the early opener ??? Most have no clue what the real problems, or concerns are in ND. I know one was a real piece of work, as a land owner. Constantly mad at the government (especially the USFWS) & I believe a abuser of their laws ??? & one of those, that had his land posted with the signs, that took his frustration out on hunters. With hope it would send a message to the powers that be, to change things, to the way he wanted them. He also missed all the points being made & tried to twist it into a landowner vs hunter problem. Also a city vs rural problem. Also a East vs West problem. Which is so far from the reality of those, that gave heart felt testimony at these meetings. At the last meeting in GF he said he had a friend in Mott that got him on land to hunt - So he had no proplems getting on land ??? ??? ??? Duh! but he forgot to include that last night. I hope most at these meetings were not influenced by the likes of someone like this. It's really sad & a negative detriment to a otherwise positive / productive meeting.

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The process is called an opinion (like azz holes we all have one ) :smile: & unlike the other site you spoke at about the commercial. Here you will learn you can really have &/or be one. :wink:

The one I mentioned, as a indivdual - but in general terms, used the same old negative drivel- cliches. & most of what he was trying to say had an agenda too. It's all also called politics. It is to bad it has now reached us. & this issue has launched a "were mad as Hell & not taking it anymore attitude towards the ND G&FD" but is it their job to work for the people of ND (majority) or for out of state & a small minority of for profit people ???

Just about everyone opposed to this issue, has admitted for some time, the real issues are access. ( maybe you have not been keeping up, cause you read & post at the outfitters angler pal site :grin: ) I can see how that could happen. With a steady dose of of their slant on things.

I guess your right about agreeing we disagree - cause I do not see my remarks as a attack - If I were to attack - I'd most definetly have to delete myself or scold myself, as moderator of this forum. Or Chris could do it, if I ever really say what alot of us 100 to what- ??? 100 to 4 or 5 ??? Has'nt that been about the average ??? -really think.

Isn't this great we can disagree & even get mad, as long as we show restraint & some respect. Here we can get to some real HOT Topics. (I'm not really mad) but if I were. I have learned to still be able to converse without the flagrant NA, NA NA, NA NA NA,BS you so often see & read.

Welcome to a REAL Outdoors Site, with REAL people & REAL Hot Topics.

I have a feeling were more on the same page than not ??? If I'm wrong the ball is in your court.:grin:

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Yeah ! thats what it is going to turn into - He who can buy the most land (or lease) will get to hunt.

How do you know ? that I don't own hunting land ??? Maybe I have seen this coming to. (but it is sad) the how selfish & self centered we must become.

I have a feeling your land is posted tight (& I could care less) - You probably never hunted much around the state, or never scouted the state & hunted in the best areas ??? To really know what your missing. It's great FUN hunting one spot for the rest of your life :rolleyes:

Seems having your friends & relatives being able to come & hunt with you, is more important than keeping a realistic # of NR hunters from using up our state & turning it into a state like they come from ???

Yep! if ya can't beat em join em -

I don't care to discuss this with you either :grin: because if you can't see from my 1st post - why I felt it nessessary to respond to your post at FB - than you are the one that would benefit from some psychologist (they have medication for your type now :grin: ) But most that can't think on their feet (or keyboard) :wink: usually have to turn to mudslinging because of lack of original thought -

If I were a gambler & took you up on your bet (on no tresspass law) - Say your hunting land against mine ??? I would be the one hunting & you would be out looking for the public stuff :grin:

You must be a disgruntled Farmer - or a were a NR yourself at one time - to think like that ??? Plus you have not read, or kept up with the proposed alternatives, to help famers - other than selling out - leasing to guides & outfitters - making hunting for $$$ a norm - cause someone always has more $$$ - I don't think $$$ is the only solution, like you.

The Big & the Fast are two things that ND folks can see thru - I believe most of us, in ND, don't want to live like that. Bigger is part of the problem, why this whole country is expirencing problems. Plus the fast usually have something to hide, or are on the run. I have faith in the people of ND to do the right things. If not, we have the referal vote.

PS..... your book just got real smutty - Nothing I'd subscribe to, or respect anyway shape or form.

If your an example of the fast :grin: (took a month to respond) than I think were OK & on a safe speed :grin:

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Well once again you & I are not really as far apart as you come off trying to present ???

In your last post - what were you bringing to the table - as far as solutions ??? Buy your own land to hunt on. & you like the idea of a no trespass law - Hmmmmmm not the most original or friendly ideas to a forum that is trying to look for ideas to help keep ND as it has been. Or even improve things for the future of landowners (especially farmers)

The pop & beer idea is OK, but hardly original - If you read most other things here - you would see, we are very adept in how to gain permission (I too have rarely ever been turned down)........I have heard the old, I'm saving my land for relatives & friends. Many times, I'm sure it has become a polite way to say No for many ???

I still have trouble - thinking of only hunting one place (like most of the rest of the country) after having the freedom to hunt a whole state. But I too am preparing to head that direction (but I think it's Sad.)

Imagine how many hunt your land ??? Lets say 5 for this example. IN five years that # goes to 30 would that be too many ??? Would the quality still be the same ??? How about 40 - 50 - 60 ??? When would enough be enough ??? & if all those friends & relatives wanted to come at the same time ??? When would you see the problem - how would you solve the problem ??? (Buy more land ???) I bet you would find ways to rotate, or draw names, or spread them out over the length of the season. & say up until very recently you could hunt lots of good places all around your land, but the other land owners found out they coud make a buck. Even tho it may not be legal or wise (in light of libility) or selling something they don't own etc. & all of a sudden you & your family & friends could no longer hunt those lands (Umm the pop & beer thing no longer cuts it - in this scenerio) But you think why does'nt the state find ways to compete with with the pay to hunt people by charging everyone more to be able to handsomely reward (pay) farmrs & landowners (many of whom donot hunt or have friends & relatives coming), & if they do ??? for maybe a week or two. What is wrong with this idea ??? Instead of just letting the free enterprise system of supply & demand & fees set accordingly win. Remember not everyone (in fact most) ND residents can't afford Redlabel shotguns or scotch.

I'm alittle concerned if everyone had their own small parcel of land & had the farmer leave (what portion of the crop ???) when would that be baiting ??? Or at least just shooting & not hunting (& YES there are lots of wealthier folks that do these things.) some could leave the whole crop :roll: But does that make it right - OK ???

Would they all be doing the improvements for the wildlife or would it be to make the shooting better, or easier, or more plentiful ??? Is that really Hunting ??? Sounds like the rest of the country to me. :sad:
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I just got home from Fargo - so sorry I have not responded sooner :grin: Now I thought I'd at least find out, if the Nickname /Handle was about booze or double barrels ??? I'm a JD & bud light man & think the 870 is the only dependable shotgun made. Plus I have hardly ever hunted from a blind (except at Virgl Farstads place at Cole Harbor) I'm currantly into boat hunting after 10 yrs of jump shooting & 20 of field hunting. Getting to lazy for both (jumping potholes) or sneaking geese & setting up a hundreds of decoys to shoot a few SOB's. I'll never run out of public places to shoot ducks from a boat.

It is good that you are coming around on your feelings about this site. & I agree the legislature will make the decision on any real changes. That is why I invited them all here at the GF Herald meeting - & by email - also anyone who will listen. Because I hoped they would be able to read & see what good respectable hunters, think about these things. I hate the fact how uninformed they (legislature) are on these issues. How many opposing groups are SPINing their sides of things, to try & make the hunters from cities look like ungrateful / land using & abusing socialists. That is so far from the truth. Just about everyone I know that hunts in Grand Forks or Fargo have connections back to rural ND & small towns & understand their concerns & farmers struggles. We (now)city boys are the biggest contributors to the economics of ND hunting.(& some don't want to admidt that or have rural folks appreciate it) We have chose the way of life (being a hunter)& I bet the vast majority of our recreational dollars, are spent on what we love. & have had for the majority of our teen & adult lives (for me I just turned 50 last week) most of my hardcore hunting friends have either been older, or young folks too. & because of changes in those two groups lives, I find myself looking for new adventures & people to share what I love with. Most of the real waterfowlers I have known & learned alot from are from out of state. I hunt with 3 or 4 every year (usually different weeks) & I also would hate to see them limited. But I would sacrafice that, to try & not let ND go the way of commercial hunting.

I am the same as you in shooting & killing (done more than my share) it is now the expirences & comfort I look forward to. So I too am in process of developing a 1/2 section of prime hunting land - for my golden years & as a insurance policy, if things continue at the pace it is changing. Or that, I get so disgruntled, with how much hassle it is becoming, to be a freelance hunter. I will have some where to go & work & appreciate & BS & dream of years gone by. ( plus get away from Mrs Fetch :roll: )

I'm from Ray ND originally & no longer go out there to hunt. Have went to the SW a few times (phasants - grouse & muleys) but thats not for me - I still know where a few sharps are, that are not that far away. & really enjoy going there & hunting them - in a realitivly unspoiled area. (especially after opener) Usually those weekends I can't take all the Minn. & Wisc. Invaders :grin: & if you love dogs you can't be all bad :wink:

We don't need to do this privately - you are more than welcome to stay & try to twist our minds, into your views. But don't feel bad if we poke ya with a stick now & then. Or at least try to make ya think. Like us commoners once in awhile (or most of the time) are you one of those Tweed & Filson types ???

My bark is lot more serious than my bite - I am tired of politics, after having served my time as a appointed (temp. insane) public servant & as a FT paid (middle management) Public servant. & unlike you (I guess ???) I really enjoy this internet stuff :grin:

It's to late (& a long subject) but I can go on & on about some of those conservation groups - Like the (save the ducks) one - that is full of SPIN & fund raising marketeers. They actually have people all over the country believing without them, there would be no ducks :roll:

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