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Moving Sale

RCBS RS 2 Reloading Press. Like new condition. $75.00 Plus Shipping.

RCBS Partner Press. Like New. $45.00 Plus shipping.

Lyman Spartan Press. Good condition. $40.00. Plus shipping.

Pacific Press. Old but in good condition. $30.00 Plus shipping.

Pacific Press. Old, in fair condition. Some rust. Should clean up nice. $15.00 + shipping.

The Pacific presses are heavy beasts.

I purchased the Pacific presses at an auction sale. I bid on a box of miscellaneous sporting goods and found them buried at the bottom of the box. I used the RS 2, Partner, and Lyman for years. I replaced them with a Lyman T-Mag II Turret press.

Accurate Innovations Golden Hunter aluminum bedded stock for a Winchester Model 70 Short Action Magnum. Very good condition. I am re-barreling the action with a custom barrel and can't make the new barrel fit the channel because of the aluminum bedding system. Cost new: $350.00. Sale: $200.00.

My Baby: One heart throb piece of black walnut. Excellent figure. An abandoned stock project. I will send pictures. $300.00. (My loss. Non-negotiable.)

Another planned but abandoned project: Good figured Walnut stock blank. $100.00.

Both stock blanks are over 25 years old.

email: [email protected]
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