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Howdy. I hate to ***** but will anywho. It seems this site is basically a waterfowl hunters only type of site. The last big game post was back in December. Now, mabeye this is kind of a "under the table" waterfowler/from Fargo crowd, Fine, but I would certainly be more apt to log on if there was more emphasis on hunting out west/ deer hunting, blah blah. you get the picture. I like the way the site is set up. Very nice. But as I said, it seems this place is only for ducks, not bucks. I can't even find a "deer picture" in the hunting photos...........OK there is a couple. Nobody on this forum ever wants to discuss deer hunting...........know what I mean?..... Mabeye you should hold a NODAKOUTDOORS big buck contest or .....something. I guess to me it the website title should read ,North Dakota "waterfowl" hunting and fishing.......NODAKOUTDOORS...............
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