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Mon Feb 10 - Important Votes - 5 in Senate & 6 in the Ho

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I would sure hate to have some of the bills get passed tomorrow that we think don't have a chance. In case you haven't kept track or not called legislators on some of these. Please call Monday morning.

Committee hearings are on Thursday and Friday see bill listings below for each chamber
All bills not listed here have not been tracked, laid over or have passed or failed the 1st chamber

The first bills to be acted on are the bills that are amended (those with the A after the calendar #) on the 6th order and then finaled immediately on the 11th order

Anticipated Senate floor action at 1:00 Monday Feb 10, 2003

SB 2230 - Gratis Deer licenses can be transferred to anyone DNP 7-0 #5 on calendar
SB 2273 - Designation of trout lakes DNP 6-0 #7 on calendar
SB 2279 - Relocation of TRNP elk DNP 5-2 #10 on calendar
SB 2323- Chronic Wasting CWD restriction authority DP 6-0 #3A on calendar
SB 2382 - Non Res any deer bow license DNP 7-0 #9 on calendar

Senate bills heard in committee, but not on calendar or no vote recorded yet in journal.

SB 2048 - (Introduced by legislative council's judiciary B committee) - Would amend the North Dakota Century Code to allow for the number of nonresident waterfowl hunting licenses to be determined based on total hunting pressure. SNRC amended to allow the governor a 25 percent variation from the concept; and duck hunting would only be allowed in the morning for the first two weeks. Reported back 4-3 do-pass (rumor).
SB 2215 - Moose and Elk license raffles 2/6
SB 2283 - Conservation Easements duration 2/7
SB 2363 - Deer hunting by non res $50 after 2nd Lottery Do Pass 6-0

Senate bills NOT heard in committee yet

SB 2227 - Hunting by non res youth with out reciprocity re referred to Appro. Comm
SB 2236 - Trade unused deer gun license for muzzleloader license
2/13 9:00
SB 2237 - Director issues special cross bow permits 2/13 9:00
SB 2242 - Spring hunt for Canada geese and to clarify all days open for non res spring 2/13 9:00
SB 2321 - Limited liability of the owner of land used for recreational purposes 2/10 9:00
SB 2322 - Hunting by non res students has been rereferred to Appro. Comm
SB 2353 - Gratis Deer licenses allowed for corporation shareholders 2/13 9:00

They very likely will not look at any passed House bills until after Feb 21
and the House won't look at Senate bills til then either.

Anticipated House floor action at 1:00 Monday Feb 10, 2003

HB 1050 - Guides and Outfitters license based on number of acres
lots of amendments Do Pass Amend 11-1 #2A on calendar

1342 #8 on Calendar Replace optional contributions to the nongame wildlife fund on income tax forms with optional contributions to the silver-haired education assoc DNP 11-3 Only two extra votes kept the nongame funding in HB 1196 Do your part

HB 1358 - #12A on Calendar(Introduced by Rep's Porter, Carlson, Hanson, Nelson; Sen's Fischer, Tollefson) - Would amend the North Dakota Century Code relating to nonresident hunting and fishing licenses and fees. The nonresident small game license would entitle a nonresident to hunt small game for any period of 10 consecutive days or any two periods of five consecutive days each. A nonresident would be allowed to purchase more than one nonresident small game license per year. A nonresident small game license would not be required to hunt waterfowl. A nonresident small game license would cost $100 and a nonresident waterfowl license would cost $100. Nonresident fishing licenses would increase to $32 for a season license, $20 for a seven day license, $15 for a three day license, and $45 for a husband and wife. HNRC amended to make the small game license fee $85 and the waterfowl license fee $85. Reported back do-pass.

1368 #33 on Calendar Auto license plates identifies county DNP 11-0

1380 #36 on Calendar Gratis Licenses to hunt deer in any season DP 11-0

HB 1465 - #17 on Calendar G & F commission DNP 11-3

House bills heard in committtee, but not on calendar or no vote recorded yet in journal

HB 1307 - Nelson Plan 10,000 non res 1st 10 day same as 2nd 10 days and unlimited non res thereafter- heard on 1/24

HB 1440 - Leasing CRP on 2 year terms 1/30

HB 1448 - No restrictions on number of non res hunters, but non res must have permission and land description listed on their license. DNP 10-2 2/6

HB 1453 - Requires G&F violators must complete Hunter Safety course DNP 11-0 2/6

House bills NOT heard in committtee yet

HB 1224 - Use of boats to take or retrieve waterfowl 2/13 8:00

HB 1365 - Group deer hunting 2/13 2:30

These Votes are happening today Monday Feb 10

2230 Gratis Deer lic transfer to anyone
1358 Non residents are allowed to purchase more than one upland license
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I looked at HB are right,there are a lot of amendments.The original bill said guides could not day lease.Now it says they can for $200.The only leased land restriction is that they have to pay $50 for the first 5,000 acres and $100 for every 5000 after that.Not much of a restriction.Also the number of outfitters in the original bill said 200.That now says...are issued in the 5th annual issue of licenses under this act...What the heck does that mean???
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