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Moly coating

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Does anybody use moly coating? What have been some of your experiences?

I have been checking out the ballistics of the Barnes solid copper bullets. They look like great bullets, but I bet a person needs a case of copper solvent. I was thinking that moly coating might prevent copper fouling. But I have also heard that once you go moly, you can't go back.

Any advice?
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There are many misconceptions about molly. Go to a gun show and you see many self proclaimed experts that know very little of which they talk.

I have heard molly will build up and you can't get it out. No, but if you wax your bullets (carnauba is common) it can build up in your bore, and is nearly impossible to get out.

If you want molly out of the bore use JB Bore past. This will take you back to bare metal.

Molly with the same load will actually give you lower velocities because it lowers breach pressure. However, because breach pressure is lowered you can add more powder, and yes then you exceed the velocities possible with non molly bullets.

I don't know about molly changing to acid, I have left rifles uncleaned for months, with no negative effect. I will brush carbon from the bore, but I have many rifles that shoot better after ten to fifteen fowling rounds, and I don't want to shoot a box of shells every time I want accuracy.

The reason you get a better ballistic coefficient is that molly is so slippery that the bullet is not engraved as deeply by the rifling. This isn't good for Barnes X bullets. I have molly coated Barnes X bullets, and when I do accuracy goes out the window. Bullets obdurate slightly when fired. Copper is so hard that they do not do this well and hence have shallow rifling groves on the bullet after they pass out the barrel. I think they loose their accuracy with molly because the engraving is insufficient, or so shallow that the bullet doesn't stabilize.

I ;have a kit from Midway that I use to molly my bullets, and I use molly on most of my bullets.
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I can't find any information on moly and acid. I think I will take an old rifle barrel, polish the outside to bare metal, moly cote it, leave it out in the cold, and bring it in the house so water condenses on it. I think I will do this a half dozen times and see what happens.
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