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So was talking with a police officer last night and also heard it on the radio today. But there were 14+ fake school shooting calls yesterday in Southern MN. The calls came in from a "robo" or "internet" call center but had a real voice behind it.

yes... swat teams went to schools and what not. It just shows you how deranged some idiots are. I hope they catch this person or persons doing this and FRY them. Well MN no death penalty. But hope they lock them up and throw away the key. But our AG will let them out early I am sure since he is soft on crime.

But it makes you wonder.... WHY this is happening especially when it is an election time coming up? I mean i dont want to sound like a conspiracy theory guy. But are people actually think they are helping with issues by doing things like this? I mean is this some gun grabbing nut thinking this will help with banning AR's? or something along those lines?

I mean with the guy killed in ND by someone who was Drunk but thought that the kid (18 years old) was a "MAGA EXTREMIST" is the reason why he ran him down with his car.

Just makes you think.
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