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Chris You are refering to a DU article of about 8 mo. ago. Right now the cauteau is full of pintails. the mating flights are amazing. They fly in very tight formation. They pull their wings and heads in and fly in a compact style ,flying very low. It is usally about 5 drakes and 1 hen.They are great to watch. Anyway back to your question. Most of the drake pintails will leave in about July. I believe even the drakes that have mated leave. They go north into Canada.I believe most of them molt there. It used to drive me nuts trying to figure out where they went. When it is time to head south many of them are to the west of the central flyway. Mallards may go north also but it is not so dramatic.
If they banded skunks I'd have you all beat! good luck
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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