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priarie hunter,
I agree with your post almost entirely as to why the MN duck hunting has gone bad. I think you missed one point that unfortunately we are grappling with now in ND - Access. I have a lake place in western MN and have experienced this first hand. The last two years my son and his friend did their home work and have tried to get permission to hunt the big Canadas. They're still looking. Last year they found 22 small flocks and were turned down every time. Too many people already hunting.

Our lake has a large bay that contains one of the largest stands of wld rice you've ever seen. The ducks are there now and throughout the Summer and Fall. I don't hunt as I just never grew up with the boat hunting but as I'm there some weekends fishing, there seems to be a boat and decoy spread every 500 yards or so. The locals told me they used to shoot limits of divers, mallards, and teal the entire season but now it's ruined as more and more hunters use the same resources.....sound familiar at all. Any questions as to why some of us ND hunters are trying to protect what we have.
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