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You know Prairie Hunter, I have lived in GF for 30 years & tried to go to Minn to camp & fish 25 to 30 yrs ago. But I could never get used to lakes surrounded by cabins & people & the fishing was never very good - unless you go to L of T Ws & That is to extreme for me - I've seen it great & been on it when it was like the perfect storm movie. Now on the other hand, I have always found ND camping & fishing to be wonderful. I grew up fishing Lake Sak when it was rare to see a boat on the lake. & Devils Lake is absolutely amazing and getting better every year.

I don't really see the Minn anology as apples to apples to anything related to ND. I don't think it would help anything to explain why. You may get a few from ND that like it over there. But I'd sacrfice them, to save what we have anyday :grin:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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