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Minnesota Vikings!!!

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Who says we have to talk just hunting and fishing. With the forecast looking cold tomorrow I think I'll spend a good part of the day on the couch watching the NFL draft. I am hoping one of the OT's fall to the Vikes, but i am also hoping for Safety Roy Williams. I also heard the Vikes might trade their pick to New Orleans for their 13th and 23rd picks. I say take it we need players. What does everybody think????

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Eric...can I come over and sit on the couch with you???You can bet I will be tuned into ESPN tomorrow morning.Everything else gets set aside at that time.Wouldn't it be great to be in New York wearing purple?
I hope the Vikes take one of those offensive tackles if they are available.A dominant left tackle is a must if you want to protect your QB.They don't want to have to move Burke over there.
No problem Field Hunter...with the price of going to a game as high as it is,us NR already have a cap.
I've heard that one by Mn. people about people from Iowa.How about this one.Why does the dome have artifical turf? So the cheerleaders can't graze at halftime.
Eric...If the Vikes had moved up they would have taken Sims.I don't think they ever intended to take a CB that high.The last game I saw live was the infamous Cowboy-Viking playoff game where Drew Pearson pushed off and won the game.
Fetch...did you get my PM about tickets?
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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