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Minnesota Vikings!!!

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Who says we have to talk just hunting and fishing. With the forecast looking cold tomorrow I think I'll spend a good part of the day on the couch watching the NFL draft. I am hoping one of the OT's fall to the Vikes, but i am also hoping for Safety Roy Williams. I also heard the Vikes might trade their pick to New Orleans for their 13th and 23rd picks. I say take it we need players. What does everybody think????

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The vikes might have waited for Dungy but he announced soon after Green resigned that he wouldn't take a job in MN out of respect for Denny. I think Tice will be good. I like the way he's handled Moss so far...he's made him attend every mini camp and has come out publicly and said he won't put up with his crap (taking plays off and general attitude). Tice says if Randy isn't playing every play because he loses interest in a game he'll solve that by getting him the ball...Every 1 out of 4 to 5 plays! That's what I'm talking about! Moss is the greatest talent ever at WR and there's no reason the ball shouldn't be going his way more often. Tice even went as far as saying that he wants to see Moss shatter every single season recieving record...I can't wait for next season. Even though I am rarely able to catch a game anymore (I do my following through the paper and highlights nowadays).

Also, what do you guys think about CC officially retiring and taking a job with HBO sports? I think it was pretty funny no one would pick him up. Great player, he's a first time hall of famer without a doubt and will get his jersey retired next season. I think his attitude hurt him in being picked up by a contender.
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