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Hey - some of you that have time to go to Vikings games should private message me your phone #'s I have a good friend from Williston that has 4 season tickets. & only goes to the packer series & maybe one or two other games. He sends me tickets alot - usually I get a call a day or two ahead - but sometimes they just show up (in the mail) or else his secretary calls me on Fri & over nights them. I only go to one or two a year & sometimes with him. I hate to see them go to waste & usually try to give them away. They are up high on the main score board corner.

So will the Viks new coach make a difference ??? I was kinda hoping they would have waited for Dungy ???

I am not convinced Daunte is all that good ??? But Defense wins football games.

I'm sure happier & healthier (especially on Mondays) when I laugh at them, instead of get hooked & then the big let down.

Whats with all these new teams getting to the show & winning ??? Parity ???

I met Bud Grant once on a SOB trip to Kenmare.

& shook John Maddens hand at a hotel in Minneapolis a couple yrs ago - He's going to MNF huh ???

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