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Mentally challenged & electric vehicles

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Do you need to be incapable of reason to push electric cars. I listen to electric advertise how clean electric heat is for your house. Really? I have electric off peak, but I'm not so foolish that I don't understand that somewhere they are burning coal to produce my electricity. It either has emotions at your tail pipe, or a smoke stack 200 miles away.
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Today we have adults that can tell you everything about movie stars, singers, bands, movies, and woke, but they are intellectually brain dead. Meet a new person and to start a conversation it's usually how about those (fill in sports team of your choice). I can imagine the look I woukd get if I asked what's your favorite long range cartridge.馃槆
The average American today is book smart and world stupid. One of my pet peaves is some brain dead, liberal (but I repeat myself) vegetarian telling me you can feed more people on an acre with wheat than beef. I want to see that wheat crop on an acre sitting at a 30 degree angle at 9000 feet elevation, with a one ton rock every 20 feet. Fools, they truely are thought challenged.
I have a friend with a hybrid Rav4. When temperature gets into the negative they don't perform. At a minus 10 they hardly move the car.

Remember the old college physics classes. Reme.ber energy can not be created or destroyed, but can be converted. It takes X amount of coal to produce Y amount of electricity. Then it goes to transformers and some energy is lost to heat, but it must be converted or it will have limited transmission range. Still some is lost to heat in transmission. More is lost when its run through another transformer to change it into usable current. When the car is charged it has used more energy than a good mileage gas or diesel vehicle. They even have remote charging stations run by diesel generators. With the diesel used to generate an electric car how far woukd that diesel have taken a four cylinder diesel that gets 50 mpg? The whole thing is foolish with current technology.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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