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So on Tuesday down in TX a milestone happened for a minority group. It is the FIRST EVER...

A Mexican Born US Citizen woman got voted into the House of Representatives.

Texas Republican Mayra Flores wins special election, defeating Democrat Dan Sanchez (

I wonder why CNN, MSNBC, etc are not running with the FIRST EVER type thing. You know like they have for so many others. OH WAIT... there is a (R) behind her name.

Now I believe she is only there until this fall when another vote will happen. But not 100% sure.

But I just want to show you how hypocritical our media is again. Why isn't this getting "celebrated" like when Biden appoints someone to office? Or other things.... is it because of political affiliation? Or I hate to say it... She isn't "black". Just some things to think about and look at. Why isn't this getting the press it should since the press and this administration likes to celebrate "firsts for people of color"... why are they not celebrating this milestone???

Again... just things to think about.
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