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There still needs to be things investigated with Gaetz. But I thought the whole issue with his "friend" and his guilty plea didn't amount to a hill of beans. But I could be wrong or they could be looking into a different direction type thing. Again only time will tell on this one.

But back to plainsmans comment about how the "left" see how I didn't say democrats. Many are making it "normal" for these types of things. You are correct about MAP. Then there is NAMBLA.... but I think they even changed their name but am not sure.

I remember when he brought this up a few years ago.... NOW IT IS ON THE NEWS or you are looked down upon it if you use the word PEDO. Same goes with "groomer". Which "groomer" can be anything from child abuse to actually grooming someone for sexual abuse (any age) or grooming them for a lifestyle.... be it drug dealers, gang member, etc. It is the indoctrination of something to someone at a younger age so they get "used" to it. But yeah... look at the up roar all of this is having over some things that are really sick.

I have talked about this before about people being too "woke" or what every. They try to out do one another or see how far you can push the envelope. Then with our political situation in the USA and the world. Where it just seems people want to make it an "US vs THEM" type thing and will pick up any "flag" to defend just to piss off the other side. I mean honestly how can anyone defend groomers, pedos, MAPS, etc. I know some people are trying to say that MAP's dont "act" on it or what ever. But are they watching movies, getting images, etc??? THAT IS ACTING ON IT.

Lets put it this way... if someone heard that a person is having thoughts about murdering someone. Again... not acting on it at all or trying to "plan" anything. But just talking about killing another human.... you would contact the police, have they try to get help, etc. Correct? You wouldn't be defending them and telling the world that you need to think about "their" feelings and what not. Or try to make up a group name for them to give them "protection"... etc. But that is exactly what is happening now with pedo's and the sort.
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