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Manitoba Hunting Guide

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I got my 2002 Manitoba Hunting Guide in the mail Tues. Just thought I would post the news, I know a few of you guys go there. All the bag limits are the same as last year with no new restrictions on duck species. I was thinking we would see some belt tightening due to the dry conditions but thats not the case. It does allow foe the E-caller when using all white decoys, "when hunting snow geese". It doesnt say anything about harvesting dark geese or ducks when using the caller so I think a phone call is needed to clarify that issue.
Season dates are pretty much the same as last year also. Looks like I'll be going for 2 if not 3 trips to MB this fall, we dont bother duck hunting in Wisconsin to much, we've been spoiled by hunting Canada for the last 17 years.
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E-callers on geese really? I cant believe they would do that. All that I can say is there are going to be alot of snows shot!!!
The birds that have never seen a decoy spread are really going to get hammered over the e-caller
Fall hunting really isnt going to be hunting if things go as they are, the e-caller just boggles my mind! They are goin to have draw the line somewhere before things really get out of hand.This issue is going to get alot of $hit with legalizing the e-caller!! I cant believe it.
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That is a Federal decision,so all provinces can use e-callers if they want.I agree,the young snows will commit suicide.It will also bring in small canadas and ducks and especially specks.I can hardly wait to get back up there this fall.You just have to make sure you have no dark decoys out,including blues.
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