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make sure you have coyotes. This may sounds stupid, but it is probably the biggest mistake. If you don't have them in the area, you're calling for nothing. I'm not saying you don't have coyotes, they just might not be in the location you're at on that particular day.

Find their feeding area and their bedding area and call between them during the morning or evening and you're bound to pick something up.

Randy Anderson may be a good caller but I can assure you that he didn't make a video in one day. Maybe a season of calling and what did he call in and actually shoot? What I mean is how many stands did he make to shoot one coyote? more than one!

Don't get down oh yourself. It usually takes a couple seasons for people to figure out what's going on with these song dogs, and once you start calling them in you'll learn a new lesson every time you're out.

If you can, take someone with you that has been calling for a while and just watch what they do.
Just have fun man!

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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