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its not a skeet shoot....

one thing id say, is to remember what sounds you make at each place... keep a log book of sounds, weather, etc and that way you can switch it up at each place you hunt untill you get one in... then only use the same call technique one or two more times on that place or the yote's will get smart and not come to it.
the other thing, like said above, is you need to have dogs in the neighborhood.... just because joe 6 pack heard em last weekend howling out back doesnt mean they are going to be waiting there for you to shoot em today.

the final thing i'd reccomend a novice, is to sit a longer time than what most people reccomend. Once you start killing dogs, you can start shaving time and modifying your methods by checking your log book, and seeing what you can delete from your agenda.
a lot of coyotes will still come into calls they arent convinced of, they come in slower, and more wary.... so staying 60 min, instead of 40 can be the difference.... especially if theres heavy timber nearby... they may be holding in that untill they feel comfortable.....
i also reccomend stopping your calling at some point and waiting a full half hour after in complete silence.... often times the dogs will come out to smell around and find out what was making all of the racket..... thats when you can flick off the safety and make em yelp..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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