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Still pricey. Though his costs have come down now that the snows do not really stage on the refuges anymore. Would imagine his operation is smaller now too.

Chris : what do they hunt up there mostly from opener to late October ?? Big geese and Ducks ?? Maxbass is not prime pothole country which means longer morning drives or refuge ducks ?

They were good sports -- still are ???
One of the better snow goose hunts I have had was almost ruined by the big white suburban and his big brown trailer (SGGL).

We received permission for the same field one of his guides did. They wanted to call and verify - but the landowner would have likely kicked him off for that 5am call.

Anyway - they were nice enough to set up in the next quarter rather than in front of us.

We shot 21 snows and 9 ducks for 3 hunters (a limit then). Their group of 6 shot about 6 - 10 birds.

Good for them though the farmer came out and had coffee and cookies with us when we were done.
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