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I guide really isn't needed. As for Northern ND, just stay away from DL, too many hunters. If you get about 100 miles west and a little south you will get into some good pothole country without all the hassle. Most farmers are good about letting you on land. I generally recommend that a hunter bring a couple dozen floaters and a field spread of ducks and canadas for the early season, but if you are coming later in October a few snow goose deeks might not be a bad idea. Most likely you won't use them, but it is always nice to be prepared. If you have a small boat it might not be a bad idea to bring it along. Some sloughs are large and it opens up the possiblity of diver hunting on some the the large sloughs with fresh water shrimp. If you have any other questions or concerns about not using a guide, feel free to pm me or e-mail me.
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