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link to legislative update

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If you go to this link, it gives an update on legislation pertaining to the outdoors. This site is updated on a daily basis, and if you are only interested in outdoor legislation, it is a nice site as you don't have to wade through all of the other legislation. It is a summary though, so if you want to read the whole bill as it is worded, you can access that through the legislative web site.
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Use this link in addition to the G&F link

In some ways this legislative site is better, a handy chart is printed when you click on the WORD version for the printer.
Thanks Nodaker, that is a very usable sight and it is nice that you can get the draft form of the bill in addition to a summary.
Yes it is !!!

Thanks for the link to their site also - are you a member ???

Here is another good page I found from the one above
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