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Letter to ND legislators - Scheels All Sports

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This is a letter written by Steve Scheel of Scheels All Sports to North Dakota legislators. (This letter does NOT reflect my personal views-H2OfowlND- in anyway. I am just passing on information that should be known)

December 2002
RE: Non-Resident Hunter Issue

I have been working with the managers of our 6 North Dakota stores, trying to get numbers that are close, and today we are confident that our Scheels stores in Bismarck, Minot, Grand Forks and Fargo do in excess of $2,500,000, annually with non-resident hunters and the guide and outfitters that supply them. As you can see, it is a huge amount this number grows each year. We feel the non-resident is 10-15% of our business in Minot, 15-20% of our business in Grand Forks and Fargo, and 30-40% of our hunting and related business in Bismarck. It is not unusual for a group of 4 non-residents to spend $2500 before the hunt, and $500 after the hunt on their way home.

Scheels employs over 700 people in North Dakota and we rely on this non-resident hunter for a significant portion of our business in the fall. I would urge you to support no further restrictions on the non-resident hunters. While we would like unlimited licenses, we can live with the limit of 30,000 on waterfowl and we can understand the early season for residents only, but would urge no further restrictions on the number of hunters or the periods when they are allowed to hunt. Nationally, there are fewer and fewer hunters and the demographics in North Dakota mean less resident hunters every year. We need the revenue from the non-residents just to hold us even.

There are a couple of other points on this issue:
1. The license fees could be more expensive by at least $50 a license. 50,000 @ $50 = $2,500,000 and this could be used for more habitat. It is a standing joke for many that the license costs less than the booze! These people fly in or drive in, in a $35,000 SUV and $5000 worth of gear. 98% would pay $50 more without blinking. The typical elk hunter pays $650 in Montana and these bird hunters like to hunt birds as much as the elk hunter likes to hunt elk. Raise the fee and plant more habitat.

2. It would sure help if they had to buy their licenses at a North Dakota retailer. More and more hunters buy their licenses online and this keeps them out of the store in some cases. They spend huge amounts when they get in our stores and they see all we have to offer. This would be a huge boost to retail business throughout the state. Computers would easily allow us to cut license sales off at a pre-determined limit.

Thanks for your time! The 700 North Dakota Scheels associates certainly hope there are no further restrictions on non-resident hunters who help pay their salaries. $2.5 million pays a whole lot of paychecks.

Most Sincerely,
Steve Scheel
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Would someone "define" quality hunting to me? Just wondering!
Thank you
I take it you were at the Committee hearing yesterday?
beings you are from Devils Lake, you should ask Kyle Blanchfield. Quality hunting is what all guides and outfitters want for their paying clients to ensure a good experience so they will continue to come back to their guide service. Obviously that is why a guy like Sheldon Schlect leases 150,000 acres (probably more), so he can make sure to eliminate heavy hunting pressure to ensure quality for 'his" clients. But Mr. Schlect says there isn't any pressure, so why would he go through the trouble of leasing so much ground if there isn't any pressure to compete with? The guides and outfitters already have hunter restrictions, but think sportsmen are selfish when they want to accomplish the same thing? Now those "selfish" sportsmen of our state actually have the audacity to try and do the same thing to protect the future of waterfowl hunting for future generations. Can you believe those "zellots?"
Hey theres a compromise ??? What if we drop the HPC & the guides give up leasing & posting any other lands but their own ???

& then give the G&FD un-harassed ability to do their jobs - & if they don't keep up & do the right things, they have to answer to the Natural Resources Committee ??? (Not the Gov.) & be sure the NRC is equally represented by Dems. & Reps. ( & if they have not hunted -bought a license - in the last say 5 years) they can not qualify to be on the committee ??? & have them nominated by district game wardens - & voted on by all Resident License holders ??? I think then we would see some much better public service & representation for the 95 % (maybe higher) that are Freelance Hunters.
No way in hell. Never. Right now the outfitters run the House Natural Resources chairman. He is their puppy on a leash. Put him in charge of NDGF? I don't think so Fetch. Put NDGF in charge of NDGF. Try this. Dump this outfitter governor. Appoint Todd Porter chairman of HNRC. Porter should have had it in the first place but Berg did it to screw us.

Nice to see the respect you show to an elected official. Slamming 3 in one small paragraph. Good to see everyone's opinion is worth something. :cry:
I saw in yesterdays paper that the Democratic Party is trying to convince Ed Schultz to be their candidate for governor in 2004.Wouldn't that make a great choice for us! :( :(
I listened the few days Heiti sat in for Ed - & I doubt he could beat her in any contest.

Although I never have really heard how she stands on all this ??? Has anyone else ???

jlang that is the cool part of doing whats right - is listening to all ideas & then improve on them & ultimately do the right thing. & not be afraid to try new things - But then admidt when they don't work & try something else - (As if a politician will do that ) :roll: Most of us learned most of what we know trial & error - It's just many don't learn from mistakes or won't admidt it. :eyeroll:

Fast Eddy does not fit the mold -

Porter needs to move up many notches & in ND (at least in the past) the cream has always had a way to come to the top.

But we all have to be more careful on who we send to the show - & some have been there way too long.
Does Heidi want to make another run??
I'm apalled by this letter. I've been shopping at scheels since I can remember, and really can't believe that my money doesn't matter. At least thats what I get from it. Looks like I'll be doing more shopping on the internet!
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