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Feel free to copy and paste this anywhere that Americans gather, but since I wrote it, I reserve the copyright 2003 and therefore it cannot be edited or changed in any way.

On this day, two years ago, bitter enemies of the US used our resources, our knowledge, and our strengths against us and caused great pain, massive damage and slipped the bayonet of hate between the ribs of our great Nation.

That wound, while it may never heal, has brought about greater awareness and a more vigilant nation. We were caught unaware, napping if you will, when the enemy snuck up. We paid a high price for our blissful ignorance, but you cant know what to expect or what lies ahead in the mind of an insane man...

I realize that, as the greatest nation on the planet, we are also the most visible. WIth that visibility and stature, comes resentment. Also, with that strength, comes the job of enforcing lesser entities of marching to the beat of the International drummer. With that duty, comes further resentment. And, as the greatest power on earth, comes the factor of human error...we are only mortals and it is inevitable we will make decisions others will not like. In a group of two, pleasing both is a simple process. In a group of three, that process magnifies exponentially. Now factor that into the world political process and you have the proper visual of the complexity.

Regardless...Mr Bin Laden, you have kicked a great nation in the shin, like a small child, angry and bitter that you couldnt have the toy you wanted, when you wanted it. The time WILL come, Mr Bin Laden, when you WILL be sent to your room, and time out for you will be in terms of eternity.

It is possible that while others will pick up your rifle and carry on, after you have been wiped from the slate of Most Wanted, and the list of pending, tentative enemies of our country. But your mission, when remembered in the annals of time, will write you as an insane man with an inferiority complex. A spineless man, I might add...your type of war is not a face to face war, it is that of a coward, a jab and run type war. Not unlike how little boys fight...jab and run, wailing as they do.

I have read a number of articles on your mindset, Mr Bin Laden, and my personal belief is that you are an inferior being offset and compounded by the complexities of rejection by an entire nation. Many of us realize you are simply looking to lash out at us because we as a country represent everythiing you and and your dust mites will never be, nor own.

You have money, you have anger, you have weak minded souls that follow you like zombies, but they are hollow and incapable of having their own thoughts, so they use your rage to inspire them. Mr Bin have nothing but you have your anger.

Hold onto that anger, Mr Bin Laden, as they lower you into your grave. It is the only thing you stand for, it is the only thing you own, it is the only thing your people know.

Know this, Mr Bin Laden: if you had the courage to fight face to face, you would be eternally fertilizing our soils. If you were here, in this country, you would be planted in our bloodied soil so fast that you honestly would never know what happened. We have far less need for you than you hate us, Mr Bin Laden, and we WILL find you.

Write your epitaph...and carry it with you. You are a man whom the world awaits your passing
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