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i said several months ago, Lehman would be a victim somewhere along the up WaMu........even the Fed looks like they are getting tired of bailing out these guys.....GM and American way!!


"The big concern here is, that the system is short on capital in a big way," said Dan Alpert, banker at Westwood Capital in New York.

"That's a problem -- there could be another half a trillion dollars in writedowns, and you have to find that somewhere."

Also, while LTCM was a client of most Wall Street firms, Lehman is a competitor.

"I'm not sure why Goldman Sachs would want to keep Lehman in business," said Charles Peabody, analyst at independent research firm Portales Partners in New York.

He called a "pre-packaged bankruptcy" the best possible scenario for Lehman since it would keep the bank's broker-dealer operating subsidiary intact even if largely wiping out equity holders and hurting bondholders.
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