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Tuesday Feb 4, 2003
Senate bill 2198 Certificates of veterinary inspection & farmed elk is on the calendar for amendment (DP 6-0)

Here are the amendments (19 total) to be considered in the House on todays calendar

1216 Change bonding amounts for license vendors
DP - 11-0

1223 Pheasant season not before Oct 1 & PLOTS only for Res the first week DP - 9-2
Page 1, line 7, replace "begins" with "may not open earlier than"
Page 1, line 8, replace "Saturday immediately following the opening of duck season" with " first Saturday of October of any given year"

1343 Penalty for poaching big game is the same for any aged animal DP - 12-0

1391 Raise Deer licenses 5 dollars for PLOTS Eliminates Coupons
DP - 11-1

Here are the bills (64 total) to be considered in the House on todays calendar
List below- the order on the calendar (usually the way they are voted on)
but any amended above could be moved to the top of the eleventh order
shown below.
Those further down the line have less chance of being acted on today and will be carried over.

1342 Eliminates non game check off on income tax form
DNP 11-3 (# 34 of 64 total)

1368 Requires first two letters on license plates to identify county
DNP 11-0 (# 39)

1049 Protects guides records from being public information
DP 12-1 (# 55)

1311 Non Res get half of anything over 90,000 deer licenses
DNP 10-3 (# 60)

1380 Gratis can hunt in Bow, Muzzel or Gun season.
DP 11-0 (# 62)
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