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Committee Meetings
Senate Natural Resources

no hearing for 1344 which has been withdrawn

1/31 Fri Will hear 2279 Survey Elk relocation options and relocate excess TRNP elk ??

House Natural Resources

1/31 Fri Will hear 1358 Two 5 day or one 10 day nonresident upland
(waterfowl will be separate)
$100 & buy as many as you want
nonres fishing from $25 to $32
7 day from $15 to $20
Resident & nonres general game lic from $5 to $10 ($5 for PLOTS)

Bills already heard in committee or acted on in the original chamber.

1223 Pheasant opens week after Duck, but not before Oct 1 & only residents on PLOTS etc Do Pass

1307 10-10-unlimited still in subcommittee Dennis L Johnson - chairmen from Devils Lake, Byron Clark - Fargo, Lyle Hanson - Jamestown and Bob Hunskor - Newberg

1343 Big game replacement value was amended to be the same for young and mature Do Pass

1344 Importation and release of birds was withdrawn

1380 Gratis deer is good for gun, bow and Muzzel was Do Pass

1391 Big game license fees increase for coupon was amended so coupons were deleted out

1440 Leasing CRP for hunting is doubtful because of cost factors

2048 HPC subcommittee ?? KFGO radio had Joel Heitkamp on saying he thought it would be amended to give the Governor a 10-15% say either way on the Cap number.

House action

1122 Mule deer raffle was amended and passed by the house 86-3

1154 Elk, moose, and bighorn licenses failed the house 16-74

1196 Elimination of Non-game & Trees check off failed the house 44-46

1202 No Hay yard for commercial fee operations failed the house 42-47

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Speaking of thanks. Thanks to Dan Bueide and Dick Munson for the great letters this morning in the Forum. Someone smarter than me, please post them. Also a great article from a high school student from Minot to do with outmigration.
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