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Legislative Fourms

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Another very important way to get your message to the legislature is to attend the legislative forums that scheduled in each district. Mine has six, and I intend to be at three. There is a public audiance, you can ask for support and mention the specific bill #, and possibly get your senator and represenatives to take a public stance. Take some like minded friends along to back you up and have them speak too.

If your legislator flipped to the dark side, challenge that position in public. You know the facts and figures, put them out for the audiance to hear. Write your position and facts down and give them to the newspaper reporter that usually attends.

And for gosh sakes guys, look what the webmaster has given us. Become a member and support this site with your membership. Here there really are hot topics with no pressure for censorship from advertisers.
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I have already talked to my senator and represenatives mutiple times and my local news paper reporter is Curt Wells.
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