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I had two Avery Migrators, and I now have one left. It has a couple of packages of Avery grass that is zip-tied to it. I will gladly take the grass back, if you don't want it on there or if the trade warrants it.

I would like to trade or partial trade it for a more compact blind, preferably a Foiles Eliminator Express or Prolander. I would also be interested in a pickup topper for a chevy 6 1/2 foot box, a fenced dog-kennel, a 12 guage pump shot gun, or ghg FB or shell decoys.

I'm open to other trade offers. ?

The blind is Max 4 but here are a few of pictures of how it currently looks. I will be traveling between Pierre and Watertown, SD this weekend, so PM me if interested. THanks

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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