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Last Weekend

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First off, I have to say I had a blast hunting this past weekend with Hustad & crew! Taylor, Tyler, Jed, Jason & Dean it was great getting a chance to meet and to hunt with you guys. It's always great to get a chance to get out in the field with some new faces---especially when they be goose pimps like y'all!!! :beer:

Really enjoyed sitting in the dekes and shooting some birds...speaking of which Hustad, where's those 'Grindage' pics? 8)

Also really enjoyed watching the retrieval process, everything from Tyler in the float tube to 'T' sledding the jon boat accross the ice. You know you're a hardcore when your either floating accross a half frozen slough in a float tube or running accross the ice on that same half frozen slough! :lol:

Thanks again guys, it was a weekend to remember. We'll definitely have to hook up this September on some early season ******-tonks. :wink:
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All I gotta say is the Strait the real deal! No doubt!
Keep on working on those calls boyz it will all pay off in the end. Practice makes perfect......
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