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Lake Audobon Fishing

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Is there still good action on Audobon?What depths are people catching fish at.haven't been out in a few weeks and would appreciate a few hints so i can get on fish faster.

have a good new year

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I was out on Thursday, fished the south side. No bites, tried water depths from 18' to 10 '. Ice was 6" to 15" thick some guys were driving out. I took the atv and drove thru water twice.Both times it was wet under snow banks.
The reports I have gotten from this weekend are it is still slow, with a few guys picking up a couple here and the bite is lite.

Good Luck
just wondering if anyone can help me with the location of any of these spots? old church bay and carbody island? thanks for any help
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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